October 20, 2021

Why You Need An International Drivers License When You Travel

Traveling to foreign countries can be a great way to enjoy a vacation, or perhaps you frequently travel for business purposes. When you travel, an international drivers license can be very helpful. Here are some reasons to consider this handy document.
International Drivers License

Universal Acceptance

It is similar to having a universal or world-wide driving permit. You can drive a car in almost any country that you choose to travel in. Although you may not plan on driving, you never know what can happen. It is always best to be prepared. Law enforcement in other countries may not be sympathetic of a foreigner without a legal driving permit.

Car Rental

It may be nearly impossible to rent a car without a universal permit, in many countries. There may be some that will only require your local permit, but is always best not to take chances. Do not forget to bring your local driving permit with you, as you will need both documents to rent a vehicle.


This will give you an extra form of identification. Even if you are not going to drive, it is best to have this for back up. Anything can happen when you travel in a foreign country. You cannot have too many forms of ID.

Not Hard to Get

It is not difficult to apply for this special permit. All you need is your local or state permit. You will not have to take any kind of tests and sit for hours at the DMV. In some cases, you can make the entire transaction via the postal service. You may not have to leave your house.


Another important feature of your world-wide permit is for communication. Suppose you are stopped by foreign authorities. If all you have is a permit from your country, they may not understand it. Your world-wide permit is written in eight different languages. This will enable some form of communication between you and the authorities.

A Word of Caution

Even if you have a universal permit, it is still important to know the laws. You will need to know much more than which side of the road to drive on. You need to know about turn signals and traffic light laws in the country that you are driving in. You must know the speed limits if they are not posted. This is very important, as lack of knowledge could cause an accident and end up with serious injury. Study the rules of the road for any country that you will be driving a vehicle in.


If you plan to visit a foreign country, you should consider getting an international drivers license. It is very simple to do and it not very expensive. There is no test and all you need to do is fill out and submit a form. Your permit will be accepted in most countries around the world. It will make it possible to rent a vehicle anywhere that you go. You may also use it as an extra form of identification. It will serve to be a “translator” for you in some instances. However, you still need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road for each country that you drive in.

Find out more: https://firstgov.gov/Topics/Foreign_Visitors_Driving.shtml