October 20, 2021

Drivers License Requirements in the United States

Drivers license requirements will differs not only from state to state, but also depending on what kind of license you want and also on your eligibility. Some common requirements are that the person should be of sound health, have acceptably good vision and hearing and normal ability to react to stimuli and not suffer from any mental or physical disability. These are the basic requirements, but sometimes a handicapped license may be offered, provided the handicap does not seriously affect the person’s ability to effectively handle a car. That’s why all DMV’s have a mandatory driving test and passing this test is the most important of all drivers license requirements.

drivers license requirements

There are five types of licenses in the United States, each with its own unique application. We have – passenger car license, restricted license, chauffer and taxi driver license, motorcycle license and enhanced license. All these licenses have their own unique drivers license requirements, and age will differ for different states, and you will have to check with your local DMV for that. Some state, like Kansas and Iowa, will offer learner’s license for as young as fourteen years of age, while others will insist on sixteen years. And they will have different probation periods for learner’s and restricted licenses, before they can upgrade to an unrestricted license.

The license requirements are pretty much the same for all states and differ only in age requirement. A passenger car license will entitle you to drive a car anywhere and with any number of people and this is an unrestricted license, and one of the drivers license requirements to get this license is that you should outgrow the restricted license granted to you. Restricted refers to learners license and usually requires the presence of an adult in the car and once you have completed the minimum time requirement as mentioned in your state laws, you can upgrade to an unrestricted license.

Motorcycle licenses are not covered under passenger car licenses and have to be applied for separately. To qualify for a taxi driver’s license, you must satisfy some drivers license requirements, like for instance, the minimum age may be higher. This is because taxi companies do not want to risk the safety of their vehicles by giving them to inexperienced drivers. So the drivers license requirements for these are stricter and in some states, the minimum age to become a taxi driver can be as hig.

Additional information at: http://www.flhsmv.gov/ddl/geninfo.html

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