September 25, 2021

Suspended Drivers License

And How to Get it Back

During your driving lifetime any number of violations could lead to a suspended driver’s license, including:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Unpaid tickets in- or out-of-state
  • Unpaid child support
  • A variety of teen driving violations

Suspended Driver’s License for DUI

You’ve likely heard this: “Zero Tolerance.” Most states have adopted zero tolerance laws when it comes to drivers who drink and then climb behind the wheel. This means you get no warnings if you’re stopped and your blood alcohol content (BAC) is over the legal alcohol limit. What is the legal limit? That differs from state to state, but .08 is common. AND it’s much lower for young adult drivers.

Getting your license back once it’s been suspended for DUI may simply be a waiting game. During that time you could qualify for a restricted license and you could be required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and/or see a professional counselor.

Unpaid Traffic Tickets May Lead to a Suspended Driver’s License

Considering skipping out on parking and driving tickets? You might want to think again. Depending on your state’s laws, unpaid tickets can lead to a driver’s license suspension. And getting it reinstated may not be cheap or easy.

To get a suspension lifted from your driver’s license for unpaid tickets you could be required to submit a flat fee to the state DMV as well as pay up the balance you owe for any and all outstanding tickets. Check with your state DMV for information on getting your tickets paid and license reinstated.

Suspended Driver’s License for Child Support Payments

Fall behind in your child support payments? In some states this is cause for a driver’s license suspension. Like unpaid tickets, getting your license back could cost you, big time.

In most cases your license is reinstated as soon as you pay up what you owe for child support. You might qualify for a restricted drivers license that permits you to drive to and from work while you’re getting your finances in order.

Teen Drivers’ License Suspensions

Teen drivers have some of the stiffest driving restrictions and any violation could lead to a driver’s license suspension. Many states have established graduated licensing programs that impose strict limits on how and when a teen may operate a motor vehicle without license suspension.  Driving under the influence, even possessing alcohol, violating driving curfews, too many passengers, driving recklessly, and driving beyond any distance limits could all be cause for license suspension depending on your state’s laws and license requirements.

Restricted Licenses

What if your license is suspended for a lengthy period of time? How will you get to work? How will you earn an income? In the event your state DMV suspends your license you might have the opportunity to qualify for various types of restricted licenses. An occupational license that restricts your driving to work and home and a vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock system are examples of restricted licenses. Check with your state DMV for any options available if your driver’s license has been suspended.

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